Sleep With Me - by Amaia Arrazola

Sleep With Me - by Amaia Arrazola

Amaia Arrazola
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Artwork by Amaia Arrazola.
Marker on paper.
20 x 20cm

"Work in Progress" project

A whole day experience out of art creation, having a fun reunion between friends.

This is the main idea of WIP, sharing with the world that moment when art is created, putting together great artists of the city of Barcelona. The artists started the day with an empty canvas and inspiration based on music in the 90s.

Using their own materials such as; marker, acrylic paint, gouges, spraypaint, paper, glue... Amaia Arrazola, Daniela Carvalho, Dani Station, Irene Cabrera, Judit Garcia-Talavera, Lauro Samblás, RulBayo, Marcos Cabrera & Txemy started with their pieces on wood or paper canvas.

They shared ideas, experiences stories.. and that gave a even better result to it.

At the end of the creation day, those artworks where presented in the best possible spot in the Raval (Barcelona). In the same place where the artworks where created and presented.

The presentation was based on the same area where the art was created, same table and materials used in the process, to get closer to the audience of each artist

So each artwork was created the same day, in a different space than their usual studios, different atmosphere. These are the results.
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