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"When I was little, I used to go to that house where only a few rays of sunlight entered the darkness, walking through the rooms with walls full of still lifes and landscapes, I would set up my easel, surrounded by adult people, making me feel older. I absorved every hint of knowledge that came out of those wrinkled hands, closing my eyes, raising my head, i remember that smell of turpentine and oil transporting me to imaginary places full of beauty.
Still lifes and landscapes have been transformed into straight lines outlining everyday elements that remain fixed in my retina, in colours that become an obsession. Now, that smell of turpentine and oil, still transport myself to the beauty of that house of dark rooms. My painting is primarily primary, not only because of the choice of radiant colours, but also because it manages to translate everyday life into a primary and spontaneous, electric and punk language. " 
Laura López
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